Invisalign is a simple but trusted orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. Instead of brackets and wires, patients wear a series of clear plastic ALIGNERS over their teeth. Each set of aligners is slightly different, which allows them to gradually align your teeth. With the first  few aligners  you tend to see the biggest moves, while the later ones serve to put the finishing touches on your new smile.

Dr. Lakhani will take a scan of your teeth and send to Invisalign Technologies.  Together they set up a treatment plan of a series of aligners, custom to your specific needs and treatment.  You will have appointments along the way to monitor your progress and success.  Ask any team member about Invisalign and they will get you information or schedule an appointment with Dr. Lakhani to get started!!

October through December, we are offering COMPLIMENTARY consults and Itero Scans to determine if INVISALIGN is right for you.

And if you are and you begin treatment before the end of 2021, you will receive a $250 treatment discount!

Plus.. FREE WHITENING upon completion of treatment